The Linux Documentation Project Links: Printed Books home | HOWTOs | Guides | FAQs | man pages | Linux Gazette | LinuxFocus Linux Documentation Project Links: Printed Books Now Available Introduction to Linux - A Beginer's Guide, by Machtelt Garrels , published by Fultus Publishing 242 pages, second edition 2007, ISBN 1596821124 (Paperback POD), ISBN 1596821140 (eBook PDF). Includes: What is Linux Quickstart About Files and the File System Processes I/O Redirection Text Editors Customization Printers and Printing Fundamental Backup Techniques Networking Bash Guide for Beginners, by Fultus 198 pages, published 2004, ISBN 0-9744339-4-2 Includes: Bash and Bash Scripts Writing and Debugging Scripts The Bash Environment Regular Expressions The GNU sed Stream Editor The GNU awk Programming Language Conditional Statements Writing Interactive Scripts Repetitive Tasks More on Variables Functions Catching Signals Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution, by OpenNA Linux 1208 pages, published 2002, ISBN 0968879314 Includes: Installation Reference Networking Reference Cryptography and Authentication Monitoring and System Integrity DNS, IMAP, FTP Reference Database Reference Backup Reference Linux Documentation Project Links: Outdated works Administrating Linux: The Basics; by OpenDocs Donates a percentage of sales back to the OpenSource Documentation Fund. Includes: Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO Installation HOWTO Administration Made Easy Bash Prompt HOWTO Linux Printing HOWTO BootPrompt HOWTO Kernel HOWTO Multi Disk System Tuning Mail User HOWTO Modem HOWTO Networking Overview HOWTO Security HOWTO XFree86 HOWTO Linux Complete; by Sybex 992 pages, second edition 2001, ISBN 0-7821-4036-X Includes: What is Linux? Unix and Internet Fundamentals Distributions--Red Hat, Debian, and others Installing Linux Hardware Installing, Configuring, and Running XFree 86 Printers Networking Linux Networking Overview PPP Ethernet Cable Modems DHCP IP Masquerading Security Importance of Linux Security IP Chains Linux on the Desktop Gnome (GNU Networked Object Model Environment) The K Desktop Environment (KDE) Linux References Extensive Command Reference Linux Reading List Linux HOWTOs Linux the Complete Reference; by Linux System Labs . In its 7th Edition. Table of Contents Link is broken. I will supply the info if I can find another source.Securing and Optimizing Linux: RedHat Edition; by OpenDocs . Donates a percentage of sales back to the OpenSource Documentation Fund. This book is 470+ pages. It can be downloaded here (4 Meg Download). Includes: RedHat 6.2 CD RedHat 6.2 Powertools CD Linux Installation Descriptions of programs packages we must uninstall for securities reasons Descriptions of programs that must be uninstalled after installation of the server Linux General Security Linux General Optimization Linux Kernel Linux TCP/IP Network Management Linux IPCHAINS Linux Masquerading and Forwarding Linux Compiler functionality Linux sXid Linux Logcheck Linux PortSentry Linux OpenSSH Client/Server Linux SSH2 Client/Server Linux Tripwire 2.2.1 Linux Tripwire ASR 1.3.1 Linux GnuPG Set Quota on your Linux system Linux DNS and BIND Server Linux Sendmail Server (includes 8.10.1) Linux IMAP & POP Server Enable IMAP or POP via the tcp-wrappers inetd super server Linux OPENSSL Server Linux FreeS/WAN VPN Linux OpenLDAP Server Linux PostgreSQL Database Server Linux Squid Proxy Server Linux MM - Shared Memory Library for Apache Linux Apache Web Server Linux Webalizer Linux FAQ-O-Matic Linux Webmail IMP Linux Samba Server Linux FTP Server Linux Backup and Restore Tweaks, Tips and Administration tasks Obtaining Requests for Comments (RFCs) Linux Network Administrator'sGuide, 2nd Edition by Olaf Kirch published byO'Reilly second edition 2002, ISBN 1-56592-400-2. Introduction to networking Issues of TCP/IP networking Configuring the networking hardware Configuring serial hardware Configuring TCP/IP Networking Name service and resolver configuration Serial line IP The point-to-point protocol iTCP/IP Firewall IP Accounting IP Masquerade and network address translation Important network features The network information system The network file system IPX and the NCP file system Managing Taylor UUCP Electronic Mail Sendmail Getting Exim up and running Netnews C news NNTP and the NTP daemon Internet news Newsreader configuration home | HOWTOs | Guides | FAQs | man pages | Linux Gazette | LinuxFocus Last Modified: 2007-02-23 |