The Linux Documentation Project: Volunteers and Contacts home | HOWTOs | Guides | FAQs | man pages | Linux Gazette | LinuxFocus Linux Documentation Project Volunteers please do not abuse us.For questions of a general Linux nature, may we suggest:Taking a look at the Linux Frequently Asked Questionswith Answers (FAQ) .Examine the General Information or our New Users and Help Sites links pages.Browse the HOWTO categories .Use the mailing list of alocal Linux User Group .Utilize a site suchas LinuxNewbie .Try a search of the LDP.Various Authors The heart and soul of theLDP, numerousindividuals have contributedcontent to the LDP.If you would like to contribute , see theLDP Author Guide andthe information on " Distributing your documentation ".It is also advised that you contact the LDP: Saqib Ali ,< saqibfobia(at) >,Technical contributor DocBook tools and process development, including theDocBook XML Validator may also be brought tohis attention.Machtelt Garrels ,< tille(at)readthesourcedotcom >,Author / contributor Author of two noted TLDP guides ; maintains mirror site list. Assists inTLDP Document Review effort. Co-editor of the TLDP Weekly News. Answers feedback mailinglist.Stein Gjoen ,< sgjoen(at) >,Technical contributor Maintains TARPL site (The unofficial Linux Documentation Project Advanced Research and Prototyping Laboratory). This site includes TLDPHOWTO Generator .Sergiusz Pawlowicz ,< >,Technical contributor Creation/administration of the CVS documentrepository. Handles the setup and maintenance of the LDP mailing lists.Please contact me directly if you would like to complain withservices maintained by me.Guido Socher ,< guido.socher(at) >,Primary contact for LinuxFocus LinuxFocus is a volunteer-driven, international multilingual Linuxmagazine which we are pleased to have as a part of the LDP documentcollection.Translation Effort The following table is a list of individuals responsible forcoordinating the translation effort for HOWTO's, LDP Guides, etc. Additional documentation translation efforts can be accessedfrom our " Non-English Information "page.Language Coordinator Site Bengali (Bangla) ( local copy ) Brazilian Jorge Godoy , godoy(at) Chinese local copy ) Croatian local copy ) Dutch NL-Doc team , Ellen Bokhorst , local copy ) French Jean-Philippe Gurard , ( local copy ) Galician ( local copy ) German Marco Budde , local copy ) Greek / Hellenic Kefalas Apostolos , ( local copy ) Hebrew Eliran Gonen , ( local copy ) Hungarian Daczi Laszlo , ( local copy ) Indonesian ( local copy ) Italian Giulio Daprel , ( local copy ) Japanese ( local copy ) Korean ( local copy ) Polish ( local copy ) Portuguese Romanian George Petre , Russian ( local copy ) Slovenian local copy ) Spanish Ismael Olea , ( local copy ) Swedish Svenska Linuxfreninge , ( local copy ) home | HOWTOs | Guides | FAQs | man pages | Linux Gazette | LinuxFocus Last Modified: 2012-07-07 |