TLDP Job Descriptions TLDP home | HOWTOs | Guides | FAQs | man pages | Linux Gazette | LinuxFocus TLDP Job Descriptions The purpose of this document is to formally record the variousvolunteer positions that exist within The Linux Documentation Project(TLDP) as it is presently structured. The following job descriptions have been created so far. Author Chief coordinator Document Publisher Document Reviewer Mirror Maintainer News Contributor News Editor Review coordinator Technical Contributor Webmaster These are job descriptions in progress. i18n coordinator The following position has been proposed by several people on themailing list, but is on hold until the original set of job descriptions iscreated. Public Relations Specialist This is a work in progress. Exclusion of a particular job descriptiondoes not suggest that the position is not valid or necessary. Conversely,the inclusion of a job description in this document should not be seen asan endorsement of the necessity or validity of that position. Job Description Template The following template can be used to describe a position in almost anyvolunteer organization and serves as the basis for documenting the TLDPjob descriptions. Position Title Purpose of the position - how does it contribute to theorganization's mission? Responsibilities - list of three to seven major tasks expected to beperformed. Commitment - how much time, is it flexible, short or long term? Qualifications - skills, education required. Supervisor / Direct reports - who manages this position, who reportsto this person? Training / Mentoring - what kind of orientation assistance does thevolunteer receive? Policies Affecting Assignment - confidentiality, background checks,if any. Benefits of the position - what does the volunteer gain fromvolunteering? Method For Documenting Job Descriptions The primary method of determining positions at TLDP is by collectinginformation from the TLDP volunteer list. The volunteer list informationis then expanded and clarified by interviewing, via email, those personscurrently holding positions within TLDP. Information is fit into thetemplate. Additional job descriptions not on the volunteer list will be addressedin a second round of information collection. Last Modified: 2005-05-23 |